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Network Operators

Network operators should have real-time visibility and control of all the devices on their networks independent of the equipment manufacturer.

ISPApp provides a single cloud dashboard with enterprise cloud management features for every type of network device and substantially reduces the cost of expanding and maintaining networks.

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Hybrid Network

ISPApp is a dashboard for hybrid networks and supports LTE, 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA), DOCSIS, xDSL, Ethernet, and PON technology and equipment.

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Equipment Vendors.

ISPApp is a complete end-to-end network management system and supports every major equipment manufacturer, transmission technology, and network topology. ISPApp is the ideal solution for internet service providers with multiple equipment vendors and hybrid networks.

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Supply Chain

ISPApp is compatible with every type of network equipment from almost every major device manufacturer. ISPApp frees you from worries about specific equipment availability and supply chain issues. ISPApp allows you to pick the best solution for each specific use-case. Picking the best vendor and technology for each specific application allows you to build a more reliable and cost effective network.

Supply Chain
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Everything in One Interactive Dashboard.

Real-time and historical performance charts allow your team to quickly identify performance problems and immediately take corrective action. Staff no longer need to be trained in multiple vendor-specific ecosystems because ISPApp puts everything they need in one easy-to-use dashboard. Staff will be more effective providing service which increases the lifetime value of your subscribers.

Device type

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Every Device Type

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Network Management Systems (NMS).

ISPApp is a complete end-to-end cloud management solution that works with most major network equipment manufacturers. We combine the reliability and ease-of-use of a cloud management platform with the privacy, security, and control of an on-premises NMS. You no longer need to train your front-line staff in multiple dashboards and your staff no longer need to switch from tool to tool. ISPApp is the perfect alternative to Plume, Calix, Minim, TIP OpenWiFi, SNMP, TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), User Services Platform (USP) TR-369, ACS, RADIUS and PPPOE.

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Subscriber Experience

ISPApp uniquely gives you visibility on the actual subscriber experience because ISPApp devices communicate with your private cloud server using WebSocket Secure and HTTPS protocols. These are the same protocols your subscribers use and this is how ISPApp provides a better representation of the real subscriber experience.

Dynamic and Self-Healing

Devices connect outbound to your private cloud server using WebSocket Secure and HTTPS which works through firewalls without VPNs, proxies, whitelists, or special firewall rules. If the IP addresses of your devices change you won’t have to update the targets on your server because the devices will automatically send updates with their new addresses.

Bulk Onboard Your Existing Network

We built a bulk import tool to automatically onboard devices on existing networks. This makes ISPApp easy to use alongside your existing systems and reduces human error from manual data entry.

Automatically Provision New Devices and Subscribers

ISPApp’s zero touch provisioning lowers the administrative cost of adding new devices and subscribers. It is easy to set up and configure Wi-Fi gateways for new subscribers with ISPApp. Auto-provisioning saves time in the field, reduces human error, and improves the efficiency of new installations allowing your installation team to more quickly install new subscribers.

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Network Security.

Security Paradigm Shift

With ISPApp you can block all inbound management. Your devices connect outbound to your private cloud server over secure web protocols like HTTPS and WebSocket Secure. This allows you to close all inbound management protocols like SSH, API, and HTTPS and totally secure your devices from inbound attack. You no longer need to maintain whitelists, VPNs, and special firewall rules.

Keep Firmware Updated

Search your network by firmware version or device model number and bulk update firmware.


Take Control of Your


Data Privacy Obsessed

Your cloud-hosted virtual private server is standalone and completely private. Only you and those authorized by you will have access to your customer data.

You Own Your Data

We give you complete control of your data. With a simple click in the dashboard you can download a complete backup of all of your data in JSON format.

Getting started is easy!

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Launch Private Server
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Download the device provisioning files and bulk load them onto your devices

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Immediately get real-time and historical performance charts, interactive web shell, send bulk commands, set device configurations and get alerted if there is a problem.

Top Features

Real-time and historical performance charts.

Interactive web shell and command line interface

Instantly search for any device or subscriber.

Send bulk commands to devices based on search results.

See the status of a group of devices on a real-time map.

Receive notifications if a device goes offline.


Typical WAN Technologies

Typical Networks



Cable Systems


Electrical Cooperatives

Municipal Broadband

Community Networks

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Multi-dwelling Units (MDU)

Typical Applications

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