ISPApp Makes
Wi-Fi Simple.

ISPApp solves universal frustrations with Wi-Fi:

Changing the Wi-Fi Name and Password

Changing Wi-Fi network names and passwords should be easy. Now it is! With ISPApp the end-user can simply scan a QR code on the device and enter the Wi-Fi name and password. That’s all!

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

ISPApp provides performance information about Wi-Fi connectivity to quickly determine the cause of a connectivity problem. Once the problem is identified it is easy to fix by adding more Wi-Fi coverage and access points, upgrading the service plan, or repairing an internet service issue.

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An Easy Value Add

Preloading the ISPApp client on your network equipment will give your network operators and end-users a much better experience when choosing your products. We built a lightweight compiled C binary client package that can run on any device. The source code is available here:

ISPApp is a single dashboard which gives network operators complete control over their wide area networks and end users control of their local area networks. As an original device manufacturer you can include the ISPApp client package with your devices and provide your customers with a complete cloud management solution. Your customers will be able to easily set up and manage your devices without having to switch between proprietary dashboards.

ISPApp enhances the functionality of your equipment and lowers the total cost of ownership. Network operators will be able to more easily provision, configure, and optimize the performance of your equipment increasing overall satisfaction.

When a customer buys one of your devices they simply scan a QR code
which associates the device with the customer’s private dashboard.
The customer will then be able to set up and manage the device from their
online dashboard.

ISPApp built an extremely lightweight compiled C client package that runs on network devices like routers, switches, backhaul radios, optical line terminals, gateways and Wi-Fi access points. Our client gathers useful performance data (CPU, memory, disk, network, environmental) about the device and sends the data back to the central server using the WebSocket Secure protocol. We built the server API using Go to optimize for network performance and concurrency.

This architecture allows for real-time bi-direcitonal control, not just monitoring. No more SNMP, static IP configurations, exposed ports, lost or orphaned devices, VPN tunnels, PPPoE, RADIUS, TR-069, IPv6, ect. It greatly simplifies network architecture and device management.

ISPApp is an enterprise cloud management platform for embedded devices. We built a lightweight WebSocket Secure client package in compiled C that uses very few local and network resources. ISPApp’s dashboard allows network operators to have real-time configuration and control of their devices and simplifies the provisioning of new devices and lowers the total cost of ownership associated with each device.

By installing our compiled client package on your devices at your factory you will allow your customers to easily provision and configure the devices upon purchase. The customer simply connects the device to the internet and scans a QR code. The device then connects to their own private dashboard where they can see real-time and historical performance data and configure and control the device.

Lower total cost of ownership.
Any radio, any location, any capacity.